Student Exhibition in Yeovil


P_20150204_121705I managed to get to the Octagon Theatre in Yeovil one lunchtime last week to see the students’ exhibition, MEND. 

I have worked at Yeovil college for many years now as a life model, and I have enjoyed watching the development of some of these pieces, especially Bridget’s ceramics. It’s always exciting to see someone else catch the ‘clay bug’…P_20150204_121956

She had many more pieces on display but they were on a windowsill with the sun behind them, so I couldn’t photograph with my tablet.


P_20150204_121935The sun also prevented a good photo of this explosion of flowers made from plastic cups, which I observed growing by the week as I stood, sat or lay for the students.


These paintings also caught my eye, I like the use of found materials, the bold colours, and the way the paint continues over the ‘frame’.



I studied for my Art Foundation, pre-degree, at Yeovil college, which is where I first discovered the joy of clay, and met my dear friend Linda Starkey, who met me for a snatched cuppa at the exhibition.

There is a growing network of artists with a Yeovil college connection, including Donna Vale, at whose gallery in Langport I will have my first solo exhibition,;

Joy Merron,, who is working with Donna on an exciting art project for the fort at Brean Down;

Nina Gronw-Lewis, who also studied at Bath Spa Uni,;

and more, whose names or details I may not remember off-hand… please comment if you you know them!






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