Getting excited…

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So yesterday I spent several hours framing my lino prints with mixed media additions, and going to the (local) printers to discuss my business card. Followed by the light relief of reading at a friend’s poetry book launch in Bristol. Yes, I got lost finding the place, but it was a lovely gathering once I found it (Susan Jane Sims of PoetrySpace launchingĀ A number of things you should know at Cafe Revival).

And today I’ve proofread and edited the business card; been in contact with Donna at the gallery and helped publicise the exhibition more; and written up a Price List for the artwork I’ll be showing in The Smile Project. It’s hard to price your own work, especially as an emerging artist. You want it to be affordable, but you also need to consider the hours of work involved. At this level, the price can’t really reflect the hours you’ve put in anyway. It’s a fine balance.

I’m waiting for a phone call about the loan of plinths that I was expecting to pick up tomorrow – there may be an issue here… fingers crossed!

And then I’m off for a two hour rehearsal for choir gigs on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. Ah, the life of a creative being! Sometimes it’s good…



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