Nearly there…

Art, Ceramics, Exhibition

I’m pacing myself. Getting through the list of things I still need to do.

All the posters and invitations are delivered. I know that enough people are coming to celebrate the launch with me on Monday, and look forward to catching up with old friends and past tutors. It was good to see that the local paper published my press release without changing a word, and a nice big image too. Several people have mentioned it to me already.

Yesterday was busy – going to Yeovil to chase up the plinths i’m borrowing from college, for a start. I’ve had trouble reaching the tutor concerned, his email is broken and bounces messages back to me, and no-one was answering the phone. I finally tracked him down at the other campus and got permission to move the students’ work and take four plinths for a fortnight. Then called in to see my potter friend Linda (my back-up plinth provider) for a welcome cuppa.

At the garden centre I was still uncertain exactly which plants I wanted for the two head pots, and considered different titles and meanings for a while. A quick call by the printers for my business cards, and home to swot up on the words for a choir concert in the evening.

Today my daughter remembered to give me the laminated Artist Statement and Memoriam sheets before heading off to work, and I will enjoy myself planting up my pots, writing labels, and repainting plinths. The sun’s shining again, sparrows are chattering outside my window, and I’m not feeling as anxious as I’d expected to be. Maybe’s that’s tomorrow’s job, along with buying industrial quantities of wine and nibbles for the Private View?

Hope to see you there on Monday evening. If not, try and call by while the exhibition is on, please. And I’d love some comments on the work…

Next post will hopefully be photos of it all in situ.


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