Set Up & Private View

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Phew! Yesterday was full, but in a good way. Starting at 6.45 am when I took my lodger to Wells to catch the early bus, and ending at 9.30 pm when I got home from the Private View and unloaded the car. At which point I discovered I was limping badly, my feet were swollen, and I hadn’t eaten anything more substantial than a few crisps for many hours.

But it was all worth it. Donna at the gallery was amazing, really helpful with the exhibition set up and making all the right encouraging remarks for a first-time artist (I wanted to write ‘exhibitionist’…)

A moment of magic while we were hanging the lino print/collages – a swallow flew into the room through the open window, swept round and straight out again.

One of my worries had been how to display the plants for the installation¬†Every Smile Bears Fruit. I thought they should be arranged in smiley semi-circles, and to the right of the stairs. Once we’d moved the heavy sideboard and I looked at the space, I realised we didn’t need shelves as I’d originally planned. Straight onto the floorboards looked good, especially when coming up the stairs, looking through the glass panels.

Tomato seedlings 'Every smile Bears Fruit' installation

Tomato seedlings ‘Every smile Bears Fruit’ installation

Tomato seedlings, 'Every Smile Bears Fruit' installation

Tomato seedlings, ‘Every Smile Bears Fruit’ installation

Quite a few of these were sold during the evening, so the display needs to be moved around regularly to fill the gaps. And of course, they still need watering every three days or so!

When everything was ready to our satisfaction, the glasses were laid out and final facebook updates posted, I had a couple of hours to go home, shower, change into something more suitable for socialising with photographs, and come back again. I brought a friend from Glastonbury who helped slice and decorate the little scones (did I mention I made a batch of scones in the morning?) and the first people to arrive were my lovely pottery friends from Yeovil, Linda and Liz.

The evening was full of dear friends, some of whom had come a long way to be there (thank you Collette, Viv, Adam and Rose in particular). We had some impromptu singing from Oshia and Laura – Summer is a-coming in, Green Jack – and I was offered an exhibition in Glastonbury later in the year (thank you Paul of Blue Cedar – watch this space!)

Donna took the necessary photographs of everyone who bought a plant, smiling. They’ll be uploaded to the Smile Project page on this site during the week, and I look forward to news of the plants’ progress. And there are some red dots around the gallery already…

I’ll end this with the first photo of a seedling purchaser – this is Rohini, visiting from Australia where she now lives. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with me, and for all the positive feedback. Sorry I can’t mention everyone by name but I really appreciate the support. The show is on for two weeks now and I hope it gives pleasure to all who visit.

Rohini smile with tomato seedling - 'Every Smile Bears Fruit'

Rohini smile with tomato seedling – ‘Every Smile Bears Fruit’




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