Head Space

Art, Ceramics, Exhibition

My new exhibition is now confirmed! It will contain some of the work from The Smile Project (without the tomato plant installation) plus some older work, and I’m calling it Head Space. Erm – because it’s mainly full of heads… And to be honest, it’s a Glastonbury joke too.

It will be at Blue Cedar Print Works, Silver Street, Glastonbury from Tues 4th August. Private View is Mon 3rd August 6-8pm so do come along if you’re in the area. I’ll be showing ceramic heads of various sizes and finishes, and lino-cut print/collages.P_20150707_114311

I’ll be sharing the space with another artist who I will be meeting this afternoon, so more on that later.

And next week I’ll be installing another head pot Sage at the Royal United Hospital in Bath as part of the Fusion exhibition.

That’s after my poetry readings at Priddy Folk Festival and a madrigal concert with Cantilena choir. Lots happening!


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