One out, one in…?

Art, Exhibition

I’ve just packed up my exhibition at Blue Cedar – a couple of days before planned, as they have a new artist in this weekend.

But to make up for that, I went along to the local library (Glastonbury) where one of the assistants had offered me the use of the noticeboards if I wanted to put up any artwork there. I’ve now negotiated to have 2 boards and a table there, during SAW in October.

Next week I’ll be able to pick up my share of the proceeds from sales at Blue Cedar, will visit a friend in Yeovil to deliver her chosen set of raku mini-figures called The Gang, and another friend wants to see the unframed prints I still have, because the one she wanted from the last exhibition had already sold.

Must keep the momentum up. Looking forward to getting back into the ceramics studio again in October, but before that I have a proposal to write for a rather special Uni collaboration/group project that I’m applying for. See my last post for hints, and wish me luck…



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