Richard Long Masterclass Project, Day 1


The first day of a week-long project at Bath Spa University, Newton Park Campus. With lecturers Becky Scharf (Geography), Julianne Worral Hood (Art), Richard White (Social Media etc), Owain Jones(Environmental Humanities), Mike Johnston (Creative Media Practice) and Lead Artist Sue Lawty… plus about 4 Geography students and a whole bunch of assorted arty students.

After we’d all briefly introduced ourselves and our work, we had some background info from Owain about the environmental crisis we must all somehow respond to, a lecture from Sam Walton (English Lit) about Land, Art & Text (sadly cut short due to room booking system); and after lunch a quick session on Social Media from Richard before we set off into the wild… oops I mean for a walk on campus.

Our brief was to photograph whatever captured our interest, 4 images of which should be sent to the project this evening as ‘homework’ – they’ll be featured on the Media Wall in Commons building by Wednesday. Also to collect items on the way for a ‘dictionary of things’, a task I took to with gusto. It helped that I always carry a spare plastic bag with me… I was filmed and interviewed picking up feathers, a constant fascination of mine.

Eventually we stopped at the ‘temple’ on the other side of the lake/fish/duck pond, where we laid out the found objects on a large sheet of white paper. Followed by another brief – to ‘draw’ in any way or medium we desired, and share our working methods. Mine involved cigarette butts; Sandy drew circles into patches of lichen; Poppy ‘drew’ a long line of cut grass… others filled in cracks on the paving stones with tiny pieces of gravel, or scored their sketchbooks with found items, or recorded ambient sounds etc. Some people even drew!

Tomorrow we’re all off to the Arnolfini in Bristol for a group visit and talk at the Richard Long retrospective, and on Wednesday the man himself is coming to speak to us. Then we start on our creative responses.

A few photos from today, and further updates later in the week. Oh, I may discover how to use flickr and soundcloud at some point…

Artist Sue Lawty heading off into the wilds of Newton Park, armed with a large roll of white paper and a grin

Artist Sue Lawty heading off into the wilds of Newton Park, armed with a large roll of white paper and a grin

Things I notice... 1

Things I notice… 1

Things I notice...2

Things I notice…2

Things we collected...1

Things we collected…1

Things we collected...2

Things we collected…2

Drawing with cigarette butts...1

Drawing with cigarette butts…1

Drawing with cigarette butts...2

Drawing with cigarette butts…2

Drawing with cigarette butts...3 (3D)

Drawing with cigarette butts…3 (3D)


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