Seasonal Greetings

Art, Ceramics

I’m rather behind on my posts, which I was attempting to do weekly, but Things Happened. Including the death and funeral of a dear friend. But the Uni term has finished, carols have been sung and will be sung again, I fitted in a raku firing yesterday, and before I go out into the blustery grey drizzle I must write…

Where to start? Have I mentioned that I’ve taken up life drawing again? I am so resistant to drawing that I’ve only just got round to attending the (free to all students) weekly sessions in Bath, after several years. But I’m determined to get a good grade this year, and if that necessitates doing all the things I’m resistant to (like using new technology) then so be it.

Serendipitously, the day of my first class I had a poem published online, an old one called From Life, which uses the metaphor of life drawing to describe a confusing almost-relationship. [If you’re interested, you can find it here] Somehow that gave me confidence. I was amazed with my drawings – considerably better than I was managing five years ago in my Art foundation course. Very tiring, huge concentration required, but worth keeping on with; so I went the following week too, and will continue next term. The model is fantastic too.

I also made more large(ish) pots, using crank clay and also white St Thomas, which handles quite differently. The first ones have now been bisque fired, and I’ve put them on the shelf for stoneware reduction firing next.

Some of the head-masks were modified (eg sand-blasting – great fun!) and fired in various ways, including a couple using the raku method. Now I have to decide which techniques and styles to focus on next term for the Graduate Show work. Two tutorials gave me quite different advice, so I have a lot to think about over the holidays, and plan.

Here are a few pictures to illustrate the range of my recent work.


bisque fired hand built pots in crank clay; waiting for stoneware reduction firing next


new large pot with oxides and Mendip mud hand prints


new large pot with Mendip mud and slip (different building style)


one head-mask slipped and sandblasted; the other with oxides, slip and reduction firing


head-mask raku fired


I love the crazing you sometimes get with raku…


Little Gritty God raku-fired. Love this one. I’m keeping it!




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