Finish line in sight…

Art, Ceramics

I can’t believe it’s a month since I last blogged. So much has happened that I won’t be able to catch up fully. But one of the things I achieved was a session in the photography studios at Uni to get some good images of my work, needed for a presentation I have to give next week. We’ll leave the struggles with Powerpoint out of this post – the struggle with a decent camera, light meter and studio set-up was quite enough. I find these things very challenging.

So I thought I’d share a few images, which I managed to edit into a smaller file size last week. The end of the course is in sight now, ‘just’ the presentation, Final Assessment and degree show to go. I’ve stopped making new work to focus on refining my narrative and choosing the very few pieces which will represent my conclusion. Three of the last four pots went into the gas kiln today for stoneware reduction firing – one piece held over due to lack of space, but it looks like there’ll be another reduction firing in time. I’ve made some decisions already as to how many, and which, footprints and masks to show, and how I plan to display them. Hoping the rest of the group don’t shoot me down in flames at the all-day Group Crit this Thursday! Just the choice to make between the pots now. And the presentation, of course…

What you see here is not what I’ll be displaying, except as ‘supporting evidence’ for the assessment. If you plan to come to the Degree Show I’m sure my work will be unmistakable, but still hopefully a surprise to you. And the date? Private View Fri 10th June, on for 10 days, show take-down Mon 20th. (Then I go on-site to steward at Glastonbury Festival, but that’s another story).


My Expressive pot – this is exactly how I was feeling at the time! Stretched beyond my limits, slumped and needing support.


Working on textured pots, showing all the making process. Nice scorch marks from open flame of reduction firing.


A very pleasing shape, based on bronze age cooking pots. Thumb print decoration around rim using cave mud.


Another textured pot, inside and outside, showing tool marks. Decoration is raw Welshes Green cave mud slapped on to dribble as it melted. Blue Lias, gives a nice green-brown glaze. Interior ‘glazed’ with bonfire ash and cave mud.


Handprints test piece – Cutlers Green sample 2 on the left, Welshes Green sample on the right, fired onto porcelain.


Powdered Cutlers Green mud sample 3 sieved over hand to make silhouette, referencing ancient hand prints on cave walls, fired onto porcelain.


Footprints in both cave muds (Welshes Green on left, Cutlers Green 2 on right), imitating footprint tracks of Mesolithic people found in Severn estuary.



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