joexhibitionHi, I’m Jo, living and working in Glastonbury, UK.

I am currently a mature student at Bath Spa University, doing a BA in Creative Arts. I specialise in ceramics and poetry, although I produce work in many genres and media.

I have been writing for years and have many publication credits with short stories and poetry, some of which you will find on this site. I am currently working on a novel for young people set in British prehistory.

I discovered the joy of clay while doing an Art Foundation course at Yeovil College. I particularly like hand-building and experimenting with materials and processes. I also experiment with print-making and collage, and am moving towards installation and multimedia art as I begin to exhibit my work.

From my Artist’s Statement:

‘I am fascinated by human beings /being human. My interests in archaeology and anthropology lead me to investigate what we have in common across cultures and eras. What is it to be human? In my case, it’s all about curiosity, creativity and communication. We investigate, alter and comment on the world. The art is almost a byproduct of my very human innate curiosity about the world and my intense, child-like enjoyment of the process of making.’

Here’s how to contact me:


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