Other Writing

Apart from being a poet, I am an editor and contributor to an e-book anthology, Thirteen Women (http://thirteenwomenanthology.com/about-the-editors/)

‘Thirteen women from Glastonbury come together to tell you how we’ve lived.

Thirteen Women book

Our histories are all so different – a millionaire lifestyle, a New Age Traveller, a struggling single mum, a feminist peace protester in 70s New York, a resting actress, a teacher, an alcoholic, an advertising executive – wherever we came from, we all ended up in this small Somerset town known as ‘the Heart Chakra of the planet’.

Raw, authentic, beautiful, inspiring, we bring you our struggles and our hard-won wisdom.’

I also write flash fiction and short stories, such as this one, published on FlashFlood:


‘Hero’ by Jo Waterworth

She’s looking at him and he’s looking at her and her eyes are dead but he’s pretty sure she’s alive and it’s all been worth it, all of them, all of the time and the weather, the endless dark and rain. She’s looking at him and she doesn’t know yet, can’t allow herself to feel, can’t believe he’s a rescuer, he’s big and male so it won’t be good. She’s dead inside and she doesn’t care anymore, she’s not in her body as it’s picked up and he shouts, shouts to others she can’t see because she’s tired of looking, it’s been so long looking at nothing. And he’s looking everywhere but at her, he needs everyone to share this excitement, it’s him, he’s the one who found her, he’s the hero and she’s still alive and it’s a happy ending, thank God, thank God.
And it’s not the ending she was waiting for.


Recently I have been working on a Novel for Young People set in Mesolithic Britain – it won an award for the most promising piece of writing for young people from Bath Spa University. I will probably go on to do the MA there in order to finish it.

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