Sage head at RUH

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Last week I took a friend for her six-monthly trip to the pain management clinic at Royal United Hospital, Bath. I had the opportunity to visit my piece Sage which was in the Fusion exhibition last summer, and to check it had survived the winter OK.

It’s situated in one of the courtyard gardens – in Area D of the hospital if you happen to go there – and still looks good. The sage plant is growing and the ceramic head hasn’t developed any cracks, so all good. Nice to see the signposting is still up too.

The piece still officially belongs to me, but I’m happy for it to stay there and be seen, and hopefully appreciated, by staff, patients and visitors.

My next post should contain images from the Degree Show which starts with a Private View this Friday evening – and I’ve been very busy the last few days preparing the space, moving and setting up the work, and helping out where and when I can. Looking good. My work will be in glass cabinets in a darkened room…

Meanwhile here’s how Sage is looking now.


‘Sage’ head in situ at RUH, courtyard in area D


Closer view of ‘Sage’ head, info from Fusion exhibition still next to it



Installing my head…

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In a hospital. Don’t worry, it’s a ceramic head pot, part of the Fusion exhibition at the Royal United Hospital, Bath.

'Sage' head at RUH, Jubilee Courtyard

‘Sage’ head at RUH, Jubilee Courtyard

I was ably assisted by Tony, the man in charge of Art displays at RUH, who said, ‘I don’t usually spend my working day with my hand inside someone’s head…’

We had to move a heavy concrete plinth from one side of the courtyard to the other, tip it on its side and put a coach bolt through holes in both the ceramic pot and the concrete plinth. Then I could fill the pot with peat mixed with perlite, and plant the sage. It should be visible from the corridor, and this courtyard is accessible to the public, which is what I wanted. It’s opposite the entrance to D1, and will have a label soon.

View from the bench, with Tony

View from the bench, with Tony

Jo with 'Sage' head installed at RUH

Jo with ‘Sage’ head installed at RUH






I would love to make a whole series of these, perhaps for next year’s show.

Other artists were installing their contributions with Fiona (Student co-ordinator of Fusion exhibition) further down the corridor, so I went to see what they were up to. They had turned a dingy courtyard into an aquarium using mainly recycled materials:

Another courtyard, with fish...

Another courtyard, with fish…

... and jellyfish

… and jellyfish








Finally I headed off to meet up for lunch with another artist friend from Bath Spa, Viv Meadows. She  took me to see the latest incarnation of her ‘Tiny Tent’, outside All Saints Church in Farmborough:

Viv Meadows with her Tiny Tent

Viv Meadows with her Tiny Tent

Tiny Tent at All Saints church, Farmborough

Tiny Tent at All Saints church, Farmborough

Head Space

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My new exhibition is now confirmed! It will contain some of the work from The Smile Project (without the tomato plant installation) plus some older work, and I’m calling it Head Space. Erm – because it’s mainly full of heads… And to be honest, it’s a Glastonbury joke too.

It will be at Blue Cedar Print Works, Silver Street, Glastonbury from Tues 4th August. Private View is Mon 3rd August 6-8pm so do come along if you’re in the area. I’ll be showing ceramic heads of various sizes and finishes, and lino-cut print/collages.P_20150707_114311

I’ll be sharing the space with another artist who I will be meeting this afternoon, so more on that later.

And next week I’ll be installing another head pot Sage at the Royal United Hospital in Bath as part of the Fusion exhibition.

That’s after my poetry readings at Priddy Folk Festival and a madrigal concert with Cantilena choir. Lots happening!

Growing Smiles

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It’s been an amazing weekend, what with my daughter’s wedding (on my birthday) plus handfasting and Solstice weekend party in woodland. A quick turnaround now before going to steward a campsite at Glastonbury Festival.

Came home to find my first baby tomato. Here’s a photo of it…

First baby tomato

First baby tomato


A friend will be feeding the cat and goldfish, and watering my many plants. Hope to find many more fruits forming on my return. Then it’s full on for the Fusion exhibition at RUH (installation of work) plus the next solo show in Glastonbury during August (planning and publicity).

I’ll also be applying for a day’s work as an extra for a Hollywood film, and for a Writer’s Residency – but more on those anon!