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I was contacted via LinkedIn for permission to put photos of my Sage head, currently at Royal United Hospital in Bath, on a national art website. Seemed like a good idea! All sorts of forms downloaded and signed, and here it is.

This was work done while a student at Bath Spa University, and exhibited at RUH as part of a student exhibition. He seemed at home in the courtyard there, and I didn’t have anywhere else to put him, so I left him there for the enjoyment of staff and patients. Some years later, he’s really settled in…

Take a look.

Sage head at RUH

Art, Ceramics, Exhibition

Last week I took a friend for her six-monthly trip to the pain management clinic at Royal United Hospital, Bath. I had the opportunity to visit my piece Sage which was in the Fusion exhibition last summer, and to check it had survived the winter OK.

It’s situated in one of the courtyard gardens – in Area D of the hospital if you happen to go there – and still looks good. The sage plant is growing and the ceramic head hasn’t developed any cracks, so all good. Nice to see the signposting is still up too.

The piece still officially belongs to me, but I’m happy for it to stay there and be seen, and hopefully appreciated, by staff, patients and visitors.

My next post should contain images from the Degree Show which starts with a Private View this Friday evening – and I’ve been very busy the last few days preparing the space, moving and setting up the work, and helping out where and when I can. Looking good. My work will be in glass cabinets in a darkened room…

Meanwhile here’s how Sage is looking now.


‘Sage’ head in situ at RUH, courtyard in area D


Closer view of ‘Sage’ head, info from Fusion exhibition still next to it



Growing Smiles

Art, Exhibition

It’s been an amazing weekend, what with my daughter’s wedding (on my birthday) plus handfasting and Solstice weekend party in woodland. A quick turnaround now before going to steward a campsite at Glastonbury Festival.

Came home to find my first baby tomato. Here’s a photo of it…

First baby tomato

First baby tomato


A friend will be feeding the cat and goldfish, and watering my many plants. Hope to find many more fruits forming on my return. Then it’s full on for the Fusion exhibition at RUH (installation of work) plus the next solo show in Glastonbury during August (planning and publicity).

I’ll also be applying for a day’s work as an extra for a Hollywood film, and for a Writer’s Residency – but more on those anon!

What’s next?

Art, Ceramics, Exhibition

Last night I went to the Private View of a new exhibition in Sherborne, at the Newland Gallery. My ceramic artist friend Linda Starkey and I were excited to encounter the work of Plaxy Arthur from Dorset. She has a series of beautiful blue stoneware glazes with iron flecks and makes both functional ware and more sculptural pieces. We both bought something and did some good networking. I admired the prints by someone called Miranda Halsby, who turned out to be the gallery owner. Linda handed out postcards advertising the upcoming Exhibit8 show at Sherborne Castle Gardens, which will feature some of her work.

Tonight I’ll be attending the Degree Show at Bath Spa University to support my fellow students – and get some ideas for next year, when I will be finishing the Ceramics part of my degree.

Other news: The Smile Project went really well, lots of good feedback and several sales. I hope to run another exhibition at Donna’s gallery next year, but before that I have two more projects this summer.

First up is the Fusion exhibition at Royal United Hospital, Bath, a collaboration with students from Bath Spa University. I will have one piece in this, a large head planted up and sited in a public access courtyard. That starts in July and I will post installation photos at the time. Meanwhile here’s the head:

'Sage'; stoneware pot with local clay handprints. Front view.

‘Sage’; stoneware pot with local clay handprints. Front view.

'Sage'; stoneware pot with local clay handprints. Side view.

‘Sage’; stoneware pot with local clay handprints. Side view.









Then in August I’ve been offered an exhibition for pretty much the whole month at Blue Cedar Printworks, Silver Street, Glastonbury! I’m so pleased about this, it’s a prime time for tourists so I hope to get lots of footfall. Also all my local friends who couldn’t get to Langport will have the chance to see my work. This time I must remember to include a Comments book…

I will have my work cut out in July producing and curating more work to add to the lino print/collage and ceramics left from the first exhibition. I need a new theme and title I think. Obviously I can’t do the tomato seedling/Every Smile Bears Fruit installation again.

Incidentally, I have the first flower on my re-potted tomato plants, currently soaking up the sun on my bedroom windowsill. Poor things are still recovering from the storms and sun they were suddenly exposed to when I left them outside for two days after the exhibition. I have every hope that they will recover and bear fruit. Photo updates to follow.


Fusion at RUH

Art, public Art

So I went to hospital today – but as an artist, not a patient. It was a site visit for Fusion, a collaboration between Bath Spa Uni (BSU) creative students, of any discipline,  and the Royal United Hospital in Bath (RUH).

Edwina Bridgeman, Artist In Residence, part of 'Ship of Fools' exhibition

Edwina Bridgeman, Artist In Residence, part of ‘Ship of Fools’ exhibition


Here are some pics of existing art in the RUH building. The atrium is a large space with public art works, and there are many courtyards which can be used for sculpture or interventions, as well as various corridor walls which are fitted with professional hanging systems.






Bruce Munro, a light installation in courtyard

Bruce Munro, a light installation in courtyard

I’m quite excited – already have three ideas to submit: poetry for an anthology for waiting rooms; lino cut prints for corridor walls; and a large head pot on a plinth in a courtyard. The proposals have to be in by 20th February, so I have time to make new work and photograph existing work, as well as contact the publishing student who plans the anthology.





Artsparks programme, from the Children's Ward

Artsparks programme, from the Children’s Ward

RUH seems really supportive of the Arts ‘to stimulate healing and well-being, and create an uplifting environment for all who visit the hospital, or work in it.’ Something I can wholeheartedly support.

My first submission, and potentially my first public art work. Soon after my first exhibition. A lot of firsts this year.